Tabung Kawen

Thursday, August 30, 2012

King's confectionary Membercard


HAHA. hari ni saya beli king's confectionary membercard. saya perlu bayar RM20 utk membership card. dan beli juga roti 4 biji which the actual price RM2.80 per each item. after doing payment baru saya dapat voucher which is supposedly saya boleh guna utk dapatkan free roti apabila beli 3. damn kan tak perasan? it's ok.

I'm the beginner. So i'm innocent.

After less, RM2.52 per each. so saya pun bayar la. tengok2 after less, total amount RM10.10. so hanya less RM1.10 sahaja ok?

Well, the voucher only give RM40 for pastries n buns per year. actually, we can only use it RM3 per month according to the 'month' stated. (depends on the monthly price given)

For more details,

As a King's Privilege Cardholder, you are entitled to enjoy a host of very special privileges as listed below.
  • Instant 50% discount on all King's Confectionery non promotional items upon joining of membership
  • Enjoy 10% discount on all King's Confectionery products
  • Enjoy 50% discount on 1kg cake on your birthday month
  • Free RM 40 cash vouchers
  • Free RM 40 cake vouchers
  • Buns & Pastries vouchers
  • Discount vouchers for Pak Hailam Kopitiam up to 35%

Not really worth it actually since i only buy buns and pastries. i don't really like the cakes since the cakes have nobody buy them. seriously!

Note : I won't eat the pak hailam kopitiam since i noticed that the HALAL logo there is not approved by JAKIM yet. To those who wants the free voucher 'Pak hailam kopitiam', you're please welcome. ask me. no problem!