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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Air Intake Fan by Syazeri Shahruzzaman

Salam to the readers

This is the 1st time I am writing this article on my beloved wife blog so please forgive me if there are any mistakes. Just for information, I will be using dwi languages and sometimes “rojak” languages. I am writing these articles not for promoting/encouraging peoples to buy these item but more to share experiences using all these items

So, my first experience is about using the ‘fan’ on the air intake. I was attracted first when I found these items which claimed to be fuel saving (due to in the future surely the gas/fuel price increase, which is why I am looking for items that can fuel save). Just by the look of the ads that were shown by those entire sellers, surely you will think logically it can be, but you have to try and error first then you guys will know. After searching a lot in the internet, I did not found a lot of details about the items (Power, performance, fuel consumption).

So I bought from a seller (I buy the Air Power Zeta for about RM30 due to COD method, if buy posting usually the seller charges around RM39) I found that it is not quite fuel saving but more to the increase a little bit pick up (not promoting okay guys, just giving information) . FYI, I am using Proton Gen-2 year 2004 build and no major or even minor touch to the engine. There, I have said it, using the ‘fan’ thingy does increase pick up but I do not think it will increase the horsepower of the vehicles itself. If you guys already use it surely will feel the difference after installing the fan (Note that if you guys is a regular car driver, you guys will feel the difference on the 1st time installing it but after certain a while, you guys will accustomed with the pick-up and then feel only the same).  The seller does say that if you are using vehicles smaller than 1.3cc, there would not be any kind of difference but like I said before, you guys have to try and error.

Okay, there is another fan named “SURBO” which I did not mention earlier. I would say that whichever that you guys pick, it is up to you guys but if you guys want to buy just purely to fuel save, I would not recommend to buy it because fuel saving is much more on how you guys drive the vehicles not by installing items (but I would like to test other items such as magnets, voltage stabilizer, air filters. Will update soon)

I would like to say almost all the fan thingy is same but I do not have the luxury to try all of them but if you guys bought the fan different than mine, maybe you guys can post a comment with the details of you guys car so that if there is any other people who is searching details on the fan thingy, they will get some information regarding the details of the items. Let`s share information eh mate? :D

P/S : Already bought a drop in air filter for my car, it is said to improve performance if paired it with 4-2-1 extractor and bigger diameter of the exhaust system. Will install the air filter once the current air filter is already dirty. You guys can search the internet by using keywords “increase car performance of NA” and if I am not mistakenly, in the zerotohundred forum there is a guy which suggest on how to make light modification to increase of the car performance





Syazeri @ Ery


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